What to Look for When Buying Women Cycling Clothing

The right cycling clothes makes riding fun. Not only do they add style to a rider, but they also protect you from injury in case of an accident.

Women’s cycling clothing are designed to fit comfortably, promote comfort when riding and create the least amount of wind resistance while on the road. However, buying women’s cycling clothing can be such a daunting task especially if you do not know what to look for.

Women’s Bicycle Helmets
The helmet is one of the most important parts of any cyclist’s dress. A helmet protects you from a head injury in case of an accident. There are three main types of helmets that you can consider:

  • Road bike helmets
    These helmets are light, and they offer ventilation and they are Womens Cycling Clothes 04mostly recommended for women who ride on the road daily or competitively.
  • Sports bike helmets
    A Sports bike helmet is strong, stylish and more economical when compared with other types of helmets. Riders of all kinds can wear this helmet, but skaters wear them the most.
  • Mountain bike helmet
    This helmet is recommended for serious mountain bikers as it is stronger, and it provides more protection to the head than all the other helmets.

Women’s Cycling shorts and pants

A good and comfortable pair of pants is very important when cycling. The best pants are padded in the crotch to prevent chafing and rubbing, and they are paneled to allow freedom of movement. Women cycling pants are available in the following styles:

  • Cycling pants that are above the knee and are body hugging to prevent the leg from excess friction when riding.
  • Pedal pushers that reach the knee.
  • Cycling tights that are longer. They should fit to ensure that they are not caught in the chain.

The material used to make all cycling pants should be breathable so as, not to cause skin irritation.

Womens Cycling Clothes 03Women’s Cycling Jerseys

The best cycling jersey depends on one’s reason for cycling. A close fitting plain jersey is ideal for casual riders while a tighter jersey is more appropriate for cyclist who participates in races. Fit is important when buying a cycling jersey to prevent wind resistance that can slow the rider making riding uncomfortable. Also, go for long sleeved or sleeveless jersey depending on the temperature.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are intended to keep a rider safer when riding as well as decrease the effort needed to propel the cycle. Choose cycling shoes that are fitting, comfortable and can clip on the pedal of your bike. This will help increase pedaling efficiency as well as control when cycling.

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