The Truth About Hair Loss

There are a lot of myths and conception surrounding the problem of hair loss. The worst thing about hair loss is the fact that people don’t understand the problem. It is important to know the cause of hair loss so that you can know how to deal with it.

Most of the hair loss problems can be treated as long as they have been identified early enough. When treating hair loss, the most important thing is to make sure that you avoid using harsh chemicals. Here is all you need to know about hair loss:

What are the causes of hair loss?


Genetics is the main cause of hair loss. Many men have a genetic predisposition of losing hair at some point in their life. Pattern baldness is a sign of genetic hair loss in men. This happens when men start losing hair towards the middle of the head. Most of the time, pattern baldness start in the early 30s, but it can start early when the patient is going through stress.

Skin disease

Skin diseases can also cause hair loss. Since the scalp is also part of the scalp, it might also encourage hair loss. In case you are suffering from chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, then it is important to consider looking for a way to treat the disease. Once the disease starts affecting the scalp, it will lead to hair loss.

Trauma or stress on the scalp

Physical trauma or stress on the scalp might lead to hair loss. Braiding or even a physical injury can cause trauma to the hair and head. These are physical activities that might cause hair loss. Stressing the scalp by using harsh chemicals might also lead to hair loss.

Methods of treating hair loss

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a method of treating hair loss in cases where the problem is beyond repair. During a hair transplant, follicles are harvested from the areas of the head with concentrated follicles to the middle part. This method is used for pattern baldness because it is difficult to treat using other methods.

Hair loss creams

We also have hair loss creams that are used to encourage the hair lossgrowth of hair. Read rejuvalex reviews to learn about the various options available. These hair loss creams are made using ingredients that make the hair to grow. However, you need to be extra careful when choosing a hair cream. Avoid creams with a high concentration of synthetic items.

Natural ingredients

There are natural ingredients that can still be used to help with hair loss. However, before you decide to use these natural ingredients, make sure that you still have some hair that can grow. If you use these ingredients on a bald head, then it might not be easy to grow the hair back.

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