Guide on Buying Hair Extension

Buying hair extension is easy if you know what you want. There are different types of extension depending on your hair type, budget and also the style that you want to achieve. For instance, if you have Afro kinky hair, you need to consider looking for curly hair extensions.

The hair extensions that you buy should at least match the look of your hair. Since hair extensions are meant to increase the length and volume of your natural hair, they should at least look similar to your hair. Here is a guide on buying hair extensions:

Clip in Extensions

Clip in extensions is the most common type of extensions. Just like the name suggests, they have clips that are used to attach the extensions to your hair. When looking for clip-ins, you need to make sure that you look for the right type.

The clip ins should be able to attach well to your scalp. One of the features to check when buying clip-ins is to make sure that they are easy to clip. The cheap ones might be flimsy, and they will not attach well to your scalp.

hair bundle

Tape in Extensions

Tape in extensions is a good option if you are looking for a professional look. These extensions are taped to your hair bit by bit. For tape in extensions, you will be required to go to a professional for proper installation to your hair.

Unlike clip-in extensions, these are, and they give a real look on your hair. However, the tape in extension might be a little bit expensive than clip in extension.

Sew-In Extensions

hair extensionsSew-in extensions have been in existence for the longest time. These were the first extensions to hit the hair market. For sew-in extensions, you have to go to a hair stylist who will be cornrows and later sew in the extensions.

Sewing-in the extensions makes them last them long. It is also easy to take care of the hair, and you can wash it just like your natural hair. These are ideal for people who want extensions for long-term use.


Wigs have gained popularity in the past few years. We now have different types of wigs depending on style. The lace wigs look just like your scalp, and no one will notice that you have a wig on.

The best thing about wigs is the fact that they are versatile. You can easily switch from one style to another in minutes.

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