Criteria for choosing the best wedding ring

Times when men had to propose are far gone. Women have also taken the initiative to propose. Besides purchasing expensive cars and houses, a wedding ring happens to be one of the major purchases you will have to make. Having to make the decision to pop the question was stress-free however; the tricky part is choosing the best wedding ring.

For most men, having to embark on the journey to choosing the best wedding ring seems intimidating. You would not want to disappoint the girl of your dreams even before getting married, now would you? How about relieving you of the burden and get a look at the criteria for choosing the best wedding ring?

So, here are the criteria for choosing the best wedding ring.


dhghgd674Whether a male or female, you need to be realistic about your pocket size. Know your budget limits before stepping in that jewelry store. The common notion that you will have to spend 2 months’ salary on a wedding ring is false. It is informative to know that like any other purchase, wedding ring prices can be negotiable. A ring is a representation of your love, if you cannot afford the biggest rock in the jewelry department, well, do not despair there will be plenty of opportunities to get a better one in days to come. However, if you can afford the best why not spend your money on it.

Figure out the other persons ring size

This particular criterion for choosing the best wedding ring is where most people go wrong. Would it not be embarrassing for you to get down on one knee to pop the question only to realize the ring does not fit? How embarrassing. Therefore, make sure that you know your soul mate’s ring size to avoid humiliating scenarios like this. However, if you got the ring size wrong all is not lost, take the ring back to the store and get a fitting one.

Know his or her style

hgdhgdd764Getting the perfect style will score you points in the romantic department. Get a wedding ring that suits his or her exception style. This criterion for choosing the best wedding ring will need a little bit of your investigative skills. Notice what he or she likes to wear, designers they like; is he or she a simple person who is not into jewelry, or get a look at his or her lifestyle. After all, is said and done, you will have accomplished your mission.

Above are just but a sneak peak to the criteria for choosing the best wedding ring. Nonetheless, I hope that the above criteria helps you through this journey.

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