5 factors that determine the cost of tattoo removal

Has time come that you wish to remove your tattoo? Maybe you are done with tattoos, or you want a new one. One of the things you should think about is the cost of tattoo removal. Will it set you back financially or is it something you can do with a few bucks? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

As you think about this, here are 5 factors that determine the cost of tattoo removal:

Tattoo color

Black is the most common type of color used on tattoos. It is also the easiest tattoo color to remove. Colors that are varied and far away from the black pigments will take more time to be removed. You will pay more for colors such as red, yellow, blue and the entire list of bright hues because you will need more sessions to have them disappear completely.


Age of the tattoo

The age of a tattoo will be a factor to consider when estimating the cost of removal. Old tattoos are already deep into the skin. They will need more time and effort to remove. A relatively new tattoo is easy to remove. Logically it will cost more to remove an old tattoo than a new one.

Tattoo size

The size of your tattoo will play a role in determining how much you will pay to have it removed. Most experts will charge between $49 to 300 or more per square inch. You can do the math and estimate what you will be parting with for your tattoo removal.

Your skin type

Have you ever asked yourself why your skin type is a factor to consider when it comes to having a tattoo? It is because it matters when you will need to remove the tattoo. While both dark and light skins can get a tattoo, it will be different when it comes to removing it. A dark skin will need more time and sessions for a tattoo to be removed. For each of those sessions, you will have to pay. For light skin, it takes less time and sessions to fully remove the tattoo. You will end up paying less for a lighter skin than you would with a dark one.

Location of your tattoo

hjfjhdd764As you choose where to have your tattoo, you should as well think about when you may need to remove it. Depending on where you have it, it will cost you less or more. Neck and lower back tattoos will cost more to be removed. They are located in body parts with an extensive network of blood vessels and nodes. It will require skills, time and more sessions to completely remove these tattoos. Arms and abdomen tattoos will be easy to remove since they are more exposed.

It is obvious that removing a tattoo can be very expensive. Parting with hundreds of dollars for a mere tattoo removal is not what your pocket needs right now. Ensure that when you have a tattoo, it is the right one so that you will not want to remove it. Thanks to this post, you now know what factors will determine how much you will pay for your tattoo removal.

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